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1 Suspect, 2 Detectives, 1 hell of a night! 

14, 15 & 17 June 20:15 at Imperium Theater 

Suspicion, is a psychological thriller that brings light to the ramifications of a guilty conscience and blurres the lines between what is true and what is not. The play unfolds to reveal two grisly murders, a tough suspect and a skilled, confident interrogator in a tangle of dangerous secrets and assumptions. Add in TWO unexpected plot twists that we guarantee you’ll never see coming and it’s a night you will talk about for a long time! This however will not be one of your average whodunit mysteries, but an intense adventure that will combine the languages of two media platforms: film and theater, through which you will travel deep into the twisted minds of the characters.



The action takes place over the course of one night, as Captain Victor Benezet attempts to verify the alibi of Henry Hearst, a prominent tax lawyer, during the time of the rape and murder of two 13-year-old girls. Henry called the police after discovering the dead body of a young girl while out walking his neighbour’s dog and was never that far from the scene of the other crimes.
Benezet and Hearst are both members of the island’s social elite, and when the captain asks Henry to “drop by” the police station before attending the Hurricane Relief Banquet at the hotel across the street, Henry has no idea that he is going to be grilled all night by Benezet and his fierce subordinate, Detective Felicia Owens. Both are convinced that Henry is guilty of the two rape-murders, but to prove it they have to pry into Henry’s troubled marriage with the much younger and uncanny wife Chantal.

Tickets price: €8