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Mission statement: to unite the artistic and non-artistic communities of both Dutch and international backgrounds through performance art with a goal to engage the whole community of Leiden and beyond in art and theater.

This idea was generated by a lot of thought and by trying to find spot-on and effective ways of cultural integration and interaction within the realms of Leiden University.

We, as founders, have been active within the student community for the past 4 years in matters of cultural integration and representation, participating in such projects as International Student Network and the ‘knowledge café’ of Sociaal-Economische Raad (SER).

The idea of LIAT is a novel idea, and its novelty lies mostly in the way of its implementation.
A pilot of the idea was tried at the second academic semester of 2014, when we organized and produced 3 theatre shows and 1 photography exhibition at the Theater INS BLAU in Leiden, on 7,9 & 10 of June 2014. The process of preparing the shows and the exhibition was a 3-month process, which ended up being very rewarding for the participants and the attendees. Thus, by the expansion of the pilot idea, LIAT is given life.

Our production team, cast, directors, and generally all the participants come from different backgrounds and work towards a common goal, a theater performance.  The unique aspect of LIAT, which is necessary in order to achieve true unity, is the element of common struggle. There are many things that can go wrong and cause stress during the production of a show and during the performance. Here, participants together come up with solutions, and overcome difficulties, which further enhances the sense of unity among them.

We at LIAT are hoping to create unity by making theater experience not only accessible, but also acceptable, understandable, relatable and engaging for all participants and most importantly the audience.